Pollinator Habitats

North Carolina's roadsides have been adorned with wildflowers for more than 20 years. A pet project of former first lady, Carolyn Hunt, the state's Wildflower Program is supported through the sale of specialty license plates and receives thousands of compliments each year.

But today, the wildflower beds serve more than one purpose. In an effort to help mitigate widespread pollintaor habitat loss worldwide, NCDOT has partnered with Bayer Crop Science to plant beds designed to attract and support pollinators of all species.


Few stories cannot be told by harnessing the power of motion pictures to evoke emotion. From my day job to my sole proprietorship, video is my preferred medium.


The long-form narrative was my first love. Here you'll find some examples of my graduate coursework and copy I wrote as a senior writer at a marketing firm.


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